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YZF-R1 - State-of-the art race technology
The YZF-R1 is a legend of the supersport world, an acclaimed one-litre performer that's become a motorcycling icon, an all-powerful World Superbike race-winning machine that’s also a monument to the power of beauty. The R1’s performance is electrifying and yet what makes this motorcycle truly remarkable is its superbly rider-friendly character because Yamaha’s avant-garde, race-bred technology puts you confidently in control.

YZF-R6 - Catch the extreme
This R6 is packed with tech from our world championship race programmes to take your riding excitement to the extreme. The R6 enhances man-machine connection, giving you the confidence to exploit your skills. You get track-developed electronics: YCC-T chip-controlled throttle for ultimate acceleration and YCC-I electronically controlled variable intake funnels for bigger power and torque. Plus a race-developed chassis spec for razor-sharp handling.

YZF-R125 - Inspired by genius
It’s time to get on the road, time to grab the maximum fun out of life with the Yamaha YZF-R125. This radical, high-revving, fuel-injected 125 is the work of the same engineers who created our YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 supersport legends and is packed with MotoGP tech. The YZF-R125 is here to deliver stunning R-Series styling and exhilarating sports performance because life is a sport, to be enjoyed to the max.
MT-01 - Torque like a hammer
It’s a genius idea – unite a hi-tech 1,670cc V-twin with an aluminium sports frame and cutting-edge suspension and brakes – and you’ve got a sports riding revolution. There is nothing like the MT-01: a massive engine that produces huge torque for hammer-blow acceleration, a sports chassis that knifes through the turns, a pulsating exhaust note that’s total aural ecstasy and monumental styling that’ll stop the traffic.
MT-03 - The street-tough style icon
The MT-03 is original thinking, the Yamaha way. This is a totally revolutionary motorcycle created for the street life you live every day. MT-03 is a style icon built to bring big fun to the city and to the curves with a light, compact, fuel-injected engine that’s full of power for instant thrust at any revs, plus a short-wheelbase chassis with focused centre of gravity that allows remarkable control and excellent traction on all kinds of roads.
FJR1300A - The grand tourer, sports style
The Yamaha FJR1300A is here to help you live for every glorious touring moment. The FJR is a unique synergy of cutting-edge technology, velvet smooth power, deluxe comfort and sports handling that add up to pure sports touring perfection. Great standard features like adjustable windscreen, handlebars and seat, plus heated grips, 25-litre fuel tank and easy on/off sidecases make this the bike to take you places in deluxe sports style.
FZ1 / ABS - Serious attitude, serious power
The FZ1 was born for life on the street – taut, muscular, ready for anything. Its R1-based engine packs a mighty midrange punch and that cast aluminium frame cuts its way through the curves like a supersport bike, so whatever’s going down on the street you’re always in charge. The FZ1 has got heart-pumping knockout performance and it’s got serious attitude on top of that, a lean and mean look that’s all about raw power. ABS option standard equipped with under cowling.
FZ1 Fazer / ABS - All-out performance, all-round versatility
Superb man-machine interaction is at the core of the Fazer’s R1-inspired supersport performance. Accelerating out of turns you feel it, because the R1-based engine is tuned for massive midrange. In fact you’re enjoying yourself so much that the brief ride you had planned turns into something a bit longer. No worries, the upper fairing keeps you comfy all day and there’s plenty of room for luggage when you decide this ride’s going to last all weekend.
FZ6 S2 - Cut to the chase
The FZ6 S2 cuts a dash on the street. Its audacious, forward thrusting design demands attention. Its powerfully built chassis and 12,000rpm four-cylinder engine are ready to spring into action with a stab of the starter button. This is a motorcycle that cuts straight to the chase, it’s a stripped-down performance sculpture with high-end horsepower and seriously agile handling that’s king of the street, whichever way you’re looking at it.
FZ6 Fazer S2 / ABS - Hit overdrive
You don’t do the same thing every day of your life, so why would you want a motorcycle that’s only designed to do one thing? You need a motorcycle with a design brief as varied as your lifestyle. That’s the FZ6 Fazer S2 – do your usual stuff Monday to Friday, then when you need to get away, just strap on a kitbag and away you go, loving the high-revving horsepower, supersport-quality handling and weather-beating upper fairing.
XJR1300 - Muscle for the street
When you want proper muscle there’s no substitute for cc. The XJR1300 bursts with 1,251cc of genuine air-cooled performance and is packed with cutting-edge technology. The XJR1300 is powerfully built, with an awesome chassis and in-your-face engine architecture. And the XJR has a reputation that goes before it – authentic, tough, muscular, uncompromising. Rule number one on the street: no one messes with the XJR1300.
TDM900/A - The universal performer
If you love all kinds of travel, here is the motorcycle that will take you wherever you want to go. The TDM900 is an ultra-versatile performer with a sportbike’s soul, created to do it all, from taking you on unforgettable touring trips through the mountains to your everyday, workaday commuting trip. It is the ultimate in versatility, with a flexible big-twin powerplant, well-balanced chassis and excellent comfort for both rider and passenger. ABS option.
XT660X - Be king of the urban jungle
It’s a jungle out there in the big city – it’s a tough environment that requires a tough motorcycle. And nothing’s built for the urban scramble quite like the Yamaha XT660X. Packed with Supermotard technology, the XT660X is alive with punchy single-cylinder horsepower and a taut chassis spec that’s got all the traction and turning you’re ever going to need. XT660X – stick it in a tight corner and watch it come out fighting.
WR250X - Spirit of slide
Yamaha has a reputation for smashing through boundaries and taking it to the extreme. We did it with our legendary YZF-R1 and we’ve done it again with the WR250X. The WR250X is a no-compromise Supermoto based on our winning WR-F and YZ-F racers, born for extreme fun on city streets. It features a 10,000rpm engine, aluminium main frame and race suspension that rule the city and take your riding skills to new heights.
WR450F - Get serious with the WR450F!
Featuring a number of detail changes to the chassis, the 2008 Yamaha WR450F offers the serious competitor a high level of enduro-winning potential, combined with unrivalled reliability and outstanding quality. The WR450F’s efficient DOHC 5-valve engine delivers remarkably strong power in the low to mid-range, giving class-leading performance over a wide variety of terrain. Its aluminium chassis offers an idealised rigidity balance for quick directional changes in the tight stuff, and winning times in the MX tests.
WR250F - The world’s most successful 250cc 4-stroke!
With four consecutive world titles to its credit, the WR250F is the most successful 250cc 4-stroke enduro machine ever built! And whether you’re a serious pro or club rider, this machine is designed to unleash your true riding potential – as demonstrated by Cristobal Guerrero’s stunning performances in this year’s WEC E1 championship.
YZ450F - Undisputed MX1 class leader
With Josh Coppins leading the ‘07 MX1 series – and the bike’s unrivalled track record from ’06 that includes winning 27 out of 30 heats – the YZ450F is officially today’s most successful MX1 bike!
YZ250F - Racing further ahead in MX2
Riding a production-based YZ250F, Tony Cairoli’s phenomenal record in the 2007 MX2 series underlines this awesome bike’s unbeatable potential.
YZ250 - Lightweight high-performance two-stroke
With its light handling, mechanical simplicity and ease of maintenance, the legendary YZ250 two-stroke is the number one choice with many racers. And for 2008 this awesome performer comes with a higher-spec chassis to keep you way out front!
YZ125 - Even harder to beat
The YZ125 is famous for its light handling which makes it easier to control and easier to ride. Combined with an ultra-responsive two-stroke engine, the end product is a highly competitive lightweight that’s hard to beat.
YZ85LW - First choice for future champions
We’ve lost count of how many of today’s top riders started out on a Yamaha YZ85. And when you take a look at how much technology this thoroughbred offers, it’s easy to see why it’s the leading choice for future champions. Driven by a liquid-cooled two-stroke engine housed in a lightweight chassis, this junior motocross bike is a scaled down version of our adult YZs. And the race-bred long-travel suspension systems are designed to master the most extreme tracks.
XT125X - It’s time to grab life
Supermoto is the hot look for the street – and the XT125X is urban cool in a rugged package inspired by XT engineering genius. Built for the buzz, this XT uses Supermotard-derived technology to deliver big fun on the city streets. It’s all about punchy four-stroke performance and a radical Supermotard spec that rules: grippy tyres on 17-inch rims, Monocross rear suspension and a tasty upswept muffler.
XT125R - Life is an adventure, it starts here
If you like adventure you’ve come to the right place. The XT125R is built to take you places other 125s wouldn’t dare. The rugged on/off-road design is the result of decades of Yamaha dirt-racing success. You will love the go-anywhere ruggedness, the long-travel suspension and the rider-friendly four-stroke power and electric start, whether you’re heading out for a weekend’s camping in the wilds or having a blast on the daily commute.
YBR125 - Put the fun into every ride
Built for easygoing performance, sleek style and day-in, day-out reliability, the YBR125 takes the hassle out of getting around and turns the rush-hour commute into real fun. That’s because it’s packed with clever engineering and superb Yamaha build quality. The fuel-injected engine with electric start delivers enjoyable performance and brilliant economy, while the plush suspension and roomy dual seat provide a smooth, stress-free ride.
YBR125 Custom - Get you motor running, head out on the highway
Take some chilled-out custom styling, mix it up with some rugged YBR125 engineering and you’ve got the genuine US cruiser look. The YBR125 Custom goes the whole way with teardrop tank, high ‘bars, deep-valance fenders, slash-cut muffler (rated to EU3 emissions) and a low-slung seat for laid-back riding. Oh yeah, and the YBR125 Custom gets lots of chrome, from the plated dials all the way back to the neat rear carrier.
XT660Z Tenere - Follow imagination
The Tenere 660 is a road bike with global traveling potential that keeps performing long after the tarmac runs out. The Tenere 660 is built for adventure, manufactured to the same exacting build quality that has made the XT brand a legendary performer all over the world. It’s got street bike panache combined with enduro bike ruggedness. If you want to go all the way, this is where to start.
XT660R - The commuter that knows how to escape
The XT660R is the tough, relentless, high-spec all-rounder that riders the world over trust, because the XT brand has been putting the adventure into riders’ lives for four decades now. Created to thrive in tough urban environments, the XT660R has also got the on/off-road capability to help you escape on long journeys into the unknown. Use it to commute during the week, then discover a whole new world at the weekend.
WR250R - Because there’s only 52 weekends
You haven’t experienced the true meaning of fun performance until you’ve tried the WR250R. This stunning new creation combines our race-dominating off-road know-how with the no-compromise attitude of our R-series sportbikes. It’s got the trick components, the strength and the power to survive tough enduro events and then give you just the same buzz when you ride to work on Monday morning.
XV1900A Midnight Star - Timeless style, futuristic technology
The XV1900A Midnight Star has undiluted class engineered into every component – wild streamlined fenders, swept-back ‘bars, slash-cut 2-into-1 exhaust and tear-drop gas tank. Inside the 1,854cc V-twin engine it’s got undiluted power – downdraft fuel injection, ceramic-coated pistons, EXUP exhaust system. Jump on board, wind open the throttle and feel that big air-cooled engine tattoo a smile onto your face!
XVS1300A Midnight Star - An awesomely powerful presence
The Midnight Star 1300 knows which rules of the cruiser bible to break and which to obey. The 60-degree V-twin has the fins of an air-cooled cruiser, but is in fact a hi-tech, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected eight-valve engine. This unique machine fuses classic cruiser character with cutting-edge technology and class-defining performance to deliver an addictive kick of excitement out on the open road or just parked up on the street.
The new TMAX is a pure expression of power and beauty, perfectly balanced. Every new feature speaks the language of performance and comfort, to give you an unique riding experience. What’s big on the new TMAX? The front wheel, to start with , has been increased to 15”and the front forks are larger in diameter, both providing improved stability. Furthermore, the fuel tank has been enlarged to 15 litres’ capacity.
Majesty 400 - king of luxury, king of the city, king of the open road
Forget the limo, this is real luxury transport, because it’s not just the ride that’s luxury, Majesty 400 also offers you the greatest luxury of all - more time. With improved acceleration and fully automatic transmission from the 400cc liquid-cooled engine, it takes you way beyond the city limits.
X-MAX 250 - Because life is a sport
Is it possible to have fun on a scooter that's also functional? Absolutely yes – if that scooter is an X-Max 250. Combining maxi-scooter practicality with seriously sporty performance from its potent liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-stroke 250cc engine, the X-Max 250 has been engineered around telescopic forks, twin-shock rear suspension and midsize 15inch front and 14inch rear wheels to provide the ultimate mix of comfort and pinpoint handling.
Aerox R - Own the street
Want maximum credibility? With its liquid-cooled two-stroke 50cc engine pumping out sharply focused power, disc brakes front and rear, race-inspired bodywork, lightweight handling and the purest essence of Yamaha race expertise running right through the core of the bike, the Aerox R is the sportiest automatic Yamaha 50cc scooter you can buy. If you want to own the street, Aerox R is the only choice.
Get straight to the heart of MotoGP with Yamaha’s stunning Aerox Race Replica. This is as good as it gets – powerful sports scooter performance combined with a dazzling paintjob as used by Fiat Yamaha team in the 2007 MotoGP World Championship.
Giggle - The modern face of fun
When you are looking for something different, stop here. Because with Giggle we have something for true individuals. Individuals with an inside track on common sense, that is. Because that radical styling isn't just fabulously retro, it's also brilliantly useable.
JogRR - The spirit of the track
A good way to impress your mates is to point out the subtle exterior difference between the JogR – that masterpiece of light weight, fast handling and sporting style – and the JogRR, scooter of choice in the world's MotoGP paddocks. It's not easy. Both have 12inch wheels, sports bodywork and underseat helmet storage.
X-MAX 125 - Because life is sport
Like the sound of big-sized fun in a scooter-sized package? X-Max 125 is the answer. Blending the convenience of a twist-and-go automatic with the handling ability of a massively strong twin-shock chassis running on 15inch front and 14inch rear tyres with twin-piston 267mm front and 240mm rear discs, X-Max 125 provides tremendous comfort and practicality for two.
CygnusX - Compact for the city
Powered by a punchy fuel-injected 125cc four-stroke engine, CygnusX is a compact-sized fast-response urban operator that uses its extra power to move two riders through a choked city in relaxed comfort.
Vity - Accessible action
Yamaha's new Vity 125 is an honest machine offering honest abilities, honest value and a hard-to-beat mix of weather protection, convenience and mobility. 10inch wheels, a compact 1250mm wheelbase, low weight and simple mechanicals are all blueprint elements for a rewarding, affordable scooter experience.
X-City 125 - Go high in the city
Who would use an X-City 125? Answer: anyone, and everyone. Why? Check out those high wheels (16inch front, 15inch rear). They deliver a degree of poise, balance, stability and agility that you really have to experience to believe.
X-City 250 - High style
If you're a busy suburbanite with business in the city, liking cool style and having an occasional need for speed, Yamaha has just built your perfect scooter. It's called the X-City 250. This high-wheeled (16inch front, 15inch rear) low-seat scooter is a superbly civilised blend of agility and comfort.
Majesty 400 - king of luxury, king of the city, king of the open road
Forget the limo, this is real luxury transport, because it’s not just the ride that’s luxury, Majesty 400 also offers you the greatest luxury of all - more time. With improved acceleration and fully automatic transmission from the 400cc liquid-cooled engine, it takes you way beyond the city limits.
X-MAX 250 - Because life is a sport
Is it possible to have fun on a scooter that's also functional? Absolutely yes – if that scooter is an X-Max 250. Combining maxi-scooter practicality with seriously sporty performance from its potent liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-stroke 250cc engine, the X-Max 250 has been engineered around telescopic forks

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